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I am no longer collecting Daum Crystal for myself, and have actually sold off most of my former collection shown on this site. My only current activity is Buying and Selling the Daum Automobiles and certain limited edition large sculptures. But feel free to browse this website for informational purposes, especially the Automobile pages, which have become a bible of all things auto related. A related website shows the Daum Automobiles and other Daum items I currently have for sale. Click here.

My Daum Crystal

Welcome to MyDaumCrystal.com, which features my personal collection of Daum Art Glass. This web site is intended to be the most informative site online dedicated to Daum Art Glass production from the 1960’s to the 1990’s, a period in which Daum concentrated on pieces of clear, high quality lead crystal that have become very collectable.

Daum Crystal is very highly regarded, and its quality ranks up there with other high end crystal companies such as Steuben, Baccarat, Lalique, St. Louis, and others. Based in France, Daum has a long history starting in the late 1800’s and continuing even today.

My collection of Daum started over 40 years ago and I continue to find and add new pieces even today. I have concentrated on buying only Daum’s Art Glass pieces, rather than their everyday products which are more practical than artistic.

Here are the general categories of what is included in my collection:

Limited Edition Masterpieces Daum’s Famous Auto Collection
Planes Trains
Boats and Sails Other Transportation Pieces
Birds Dolphins and Fish
Other Animals Clocks and Lamps

Geometric Shapes

Dealer Display Pieces
Catalogs and Books Other Items

I encourage everyone interested in Daum Art Glass to browse this web site and enjoy the fruits of my collection. Treat it like a virtual museum where you can explore piece by piece the exquisite nature of Daum Crystal. Perhaps you too will be encouraged to start collecting Daum, and/or want to expand your existing collection.

Please note that most of the pictures in this site are B/W. This was done intentionally to better show off the clear crystal pieces. There are some color pictures where it is important to show the color of the piece or its accessories.

Please check out the My Collection page for a list of all my pieces; and my Buy / Sell / Trade section if you are interested in buying or selling Daum pieces. I have several hard to find pieces listed on my For Sale page at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who has given me such positive feedback regarding this site.



California, USA



Latest News

I have a number of Daum Cars listed for sale here. Check them out!

I have also listed a large number of Daum Animals and Sailboats on the same For Sale page here.

If you have specific questions, feel free to Contact Me. I am happy to give whatever advice I can regarding compatible Daum pieces from the 60's to early 90's.










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