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Despite years of collecting, there are many pieces I am still looking for to add to my collection. Some are specific known pieces, and others are pieces that I may not even know exist. I am continually surprised to run across unknown pieces, or variations that were not cataloged. Also after so many years, I also have duplicate pieces that I am willing to sell or trade.

WANTED: Please click this link to see a list of items that I am particularly looking to add to my collection. I have included photos when possible, as well as any information that I have about the piece.

SELLING: Click on this link to see all my duplicate items, including pictures, known information, and condition. Prices do not include shipping or insurance, which will depend on your location. My normal shipping is UPS. I also have a couple of accessory pieces you may also need.

BUYING: I am always looking to buy any and all Daum Crystal pieces that fit into my general collection criteria. This includes some of the early Pate De Verre pieces from the 90’s. Even if you have pieces that I already have, I am still interested, as you may have an interesting variation, an original box, a lower serial number, or even just a piece that I can later trade for a piece I do not have. I am open to buying from one piece to a whole collection. Please contact me directly with a list of what items you have. I have a link to specific pieces I am looking for below, but those do not limit what I am willing to purchase.

TRADING: I am always happy to trade pieces with other collectors if I have something you want and you have something I want. Contact me with details of what you would like and what you have to trade. I am open to trading most all the pieces on this site, except the limited edition pieces. I also collect a limited number of Steuben and Lalique pieces, so may be willing to buy or trade outside of Daum.

See my other website MyCrystalSite.com

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