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While very few and far between in the Lead Crystal catagory, I do occassionally run into Fakes and Forgeries of Daum pieces. This is what I have learned over the years.

The most commonly found scam is generally found on Ebay, where people claim a piece is definitely Daum, but it is unsigned. Generally always these are not really Daum pieces, but are of some other manufacture. The key is whether you can find the exact same piece on this website or in one of the Daum catalogs. While there were Daum items produced that were not signed, they must be from exactly the same mold as a signed piece. Perhaps they were a factory reject that "escaped", or were pieces that were given/sold to employees. For example see the Range Rover or Monza descriptions for examples such as this. Otherwise do not necessarilly believe people who have an unsigned piece.

The other much less common scam is taking a piece that resembles Daum and actually engraving "Daum France" on the piece. This is definite forgerey. My only personal example of this is a small car that was etched with "Daum France" in a fairly convincing way, but in an area that Daum never utilized for signing. Also the car is smaller than any car Daum ever produced. It was clear on receipt of this item that it was not part of Daum's Automobile collection, yet it was sold as such. See pictures below. The car shown is only 6" in length, which is smaller than any other car from Daum that I have found. It looks like the Daum Peugeot 205 T16, so that is what I am calling this smaller version. If anyone knows anything about this car, please contact me!

To the best of my knowledge no one has ever gone to the bother of trying to re-make a mold for a lead crystal Daum piece, so you need not worry about exact duplicates ever having been forged.

When in doubt check the signatures again the examples on my Signatures page, or ask an expert!

It should be noted that this discussion is only limited to the clear lead crystal pieces that I feature in my collection. It is known that there are fakes and forgeries to a far larger extent in the area of old Daum Nancy vases, and that fakes were actually recreated due to the high prices brought by such pieces.

Fake Peugeot T16
Fake Peugeot T16
Fake Peugeot T16
Fake Peugeot Daum Signature





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