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After almost 40 years of collecting Daum, and several years in the planning stages, I am proud to be able to share my passion with everyone. This Website features my personal collection of Daum Art Glass that has grown to well over 150 pieces since my first purchase in 1971. It is intended to be the most definitive site documenting Daum’s production of Clear Art Glass pieces from the period 1960 to 1999.

This period in Daum’s history featured high quality lead crystal items that were 100% clear, sometimes with frosted areas to highlight details of the piece. Starting around 1990 Daum restarted using the Pate de Verre method of crystal making to create pieces with intense and multiple colors. In the beginning of this transition Daum created several pieces that are a combination of clear crystal and Pate de Verre. I have included several of these pieces in my collection as they make a very bold artistic statement. I also am starting to collect some of the 100% Pate de Verre pieces from the 1990’s, as they relate to the categories on the main page. By 2000 however, Daum focused totally on Pate de Verre pieces, with very little clear crystal, and is an entirely separate area of collection that I have not gotten into. Similarly, Daum throughout its history has made gorgeous vases that today can be very expensive and collectible. I regret I have no knowledge of Daum vases and cannot be helpful to anyone in this area.

Most all Daum Art Glass is signed “Daum France”, with certain notable exceptions, as discussed in the Signatures and Automobile Collection sections of this website. However, rarely, some pieces are found without any signature, or only with “Daum” as the signature.

My collection focuses on certain specific areas, listed in approximate order of priority:

Transportation pieces, including Planes, Boats, Trains, etc.
Large Limited Edition Sculptures for Corporate Boardrooms or Featured Presentation
Animals of all types and sizes
Retail and Wholesale Catalogs
Clocks and Lamps
Retailer Daum advertising name pieces
Geometric forms
Other Daum Pieces

Select HOME or MY Collection links to explore all my catagories.

Daum’s series of Crystal Automobiles is perhaps the most popular and collectible of all the pieces from this era. There are currently 32 known unique cars signed with the Daum signature, as well as 4 cars made by Daum but not actually signed with the Daum signature.

Please note that my collection is generally limited to the above areas and does not cover vases, glassware, ashtrays, candle holders, or other utility pieces.

While this is a hobby for me, I am always interested in Buying, Selling, or Trading Daum Art Glass pieces and/or chatting with other Daum collectors. I am constantly looking to expand my collection, and can buy one piece or a whole collection.

As much as possible I have tried to include general information, pictures, notes about individual pieces, dimensions, production dates, original retail prices, packaging, variations, and related pieces. Because information from this period is so hard to obtain, even from Daum itself, I have tried as much as possible to refer to catalogs, original box labels, certificates, name plates, and information from other collectors. As much as possible I have used Daum’s official names for each piece, and have always placed quotes around known correct names. Most official names are in French, as can be expected. However Daum did not always name pieces, especially the smaller, more common pieces.

I encourage anyone with information about Daum Art Glass, or has information to correct or expand this website, to contact me directly. Particularly if you find errors, or know production dates or original retail prices, I would love to hear from you.

While my collection is large by many standards, there are many, many pieces that I do not have, nor could I ever hope to buy or have room to display every possible piece. I have tried to focus on, and purchase, the pieces that are the most interesting to me personally. But I do have knowledge and catalogs showing many of these other pieces. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer as accurately as possible.




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