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General Information: The Bugatti was the 7th of 13 Standard Large Automobiles Daum produced for general distribution. This model is based on the 1931 Bugatti Roadster created by Jean Bugatti. This Daum piece was designed by Xavier Froissart.

I have now verified the actual edition size of the Bugatti 55 Roadster, with some help from people in high places! 1418 Bugatti's were actually produced and sold by Daum. This number does not include any factory 2nds or unfinished models such as discussed below.

I have discovered there are variations of this Auto in existance. The first variation is relatively small. See the front bumper and dash variation pictures below. The left car in both cases has more frosted areas than the right car. I believe the left car is an earlier production car than the right car. The left car has the front bumper frosted, and the left side of the dashboard frosted, while the right car does not. I do not know if this was a mistake, or if it was a conscious decision to not frost these areas. Any feedback would be appreciated.

The second variation car is much more drastic. It is entirely clear with no frosted areas, and no Daum Signature at all! See the clear variation pictures below. This may have been in the same catagory as my Range Rover, a QC reject that was then purchased by a Daum Employee. Thanks to Eric Hymas for pictures of this car. Eric says the glass quality does not seem quite as good as his finished Daum Bugatti.

General Specifications:   My Collection:
Scale: 1:14 Old Part Number: HC87 Condition: Excellent
Length: 12.5" New Part Number: 2239 Original Box: No
First Produced: 1987 Limited Edition: N/A Name Plate: Yes
List Price / Year: $1050 / 1989 Edition Size: N/A S/N: N/A
Nameplate: Yes Highest Known S/N: N/A  
General Notes on my car: I am missing the nameplate and original box.
Front Bumper Variation
Dash Variation
Clear Variation
Clear Variation
Clear Variation
Name Sign

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