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General Information: The '53 Corvette Convertible was the 1st of 4 limited edition cars in Daum's convertible series. Originally meant to be a limited edition run of 2500 pieces, Daum never produced close to this number of cars. This car originally came with a Certificate of Authenticity which was hand numbered to match the serial number of the car, and a metal nameplate with the car's name silkscreened on it. The original box label was also hand numbered to match the car's serial number. This car was designed by Xavier Froissart. I have now verified the actual edition size of the '53 Corvette Convertible, with some help from people in high places! Only 247 Corvette Convertibles were actually produced and sold by Daum, making this car a lot rarer than originally thought.

Update, I have discovered a '53 Corvette with serial number 285/2500. It was also etched with the logo "Eurocar" on the left front fender. It is not known if Daum made an additional run of these cars over the 247 mentioned above, or whether some serial numbers were skipped. Anyone with knowledge of the "Eurocar" etching, please contact me.

I have been fortunate to acquire S/N "EA 1" of the '53 Corvette to add to my collection. This very unique piece, which is not otherwise serialized, was according to Xavier Froissart the first piece off the production line, and should be considered to be S/N 0/2500. This piece is also personally signed by Xavier Froissart, and comes with a custom made, one of a kind name plate, and custom made shoebox style box with black foam interior, similiar to the DB5 or MKII. See pictures below.

General Specifications:   My Collection:
Scale: 1:14 Old Part Number: EL152 Condition: Excellent
Length: 12" New Part Number: 2596 Original Box: Yes
First Produced: Limited Edition: Yes Name Plate: Yes
Original List Price: $1200 Edition Size: 2500 Stated / 247 Actual S/N: 16/2500 & EA 1
Nameplate: Yes Highest Known S/N: 285  
General Notes on my car: Also has matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity.and original box with numbered label.
Corvette Standard Nameplate
Corvette Standard Box
Corvette Standard Label
EA 1 Left View
EA 1 & Xavier Signature
EA 1 Custom Nameplate
EA 1 Custom Nameplate End View
EA 1 Box Label
EA 1 Box

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